Relationship Coach & Matchmaker

Write your own love life! Hosting events for singles: straight and LGBTQ. Holding video calls to determine the qualifications you are looking for in matches, with paid matchmaking services. Free profile set up in the dating pool for my matchmaking clients. Relationship Coaching packages are available with matchmaking services. I contract with a matchmaking firm and I have private clients. Free and paid services offered. Individual plans and package plans are available to meet your needs.

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Are you interested in what a matchmaker can do for you?

In addition to hosting singles events all over the USA, Anastacia is a professional matchmaker. She has teamed up with two firms, offering her services to singles who are ready to be paired up with compatible people of all genders and identities. We have paying clients from all over the USA. Join our Dating Pool to be considered for a date with singles who are working with a matchmaker. We curate blind dates, which means neither party will see a photo before the date. This service is designed for those who want to be discreet and have a more organic dating experience.

You will not be limited to the perceptions you gain from googling a person that you found on a dating app, prior to meeting them. You will not text a potential date endlessly before meeting up. You will not have to feel rejection if they ghost you prior to meeting. The matchmakers will do all of the behind-the-scenes work for you. This includes planning the date and letting you know where to meet.

If you would like to hire a personal matchmaker, there will be fees involved. If you would like to be in our Dating Pool, free of charge, you will be considered for matches with paying members, if we believe you are compatible.

If you want to know more or are interested in hiring a personal matchmaker, click ASK ME QUESTIONS.

If you are ready to sign up for the Dating Pool:




Write your own LOVE LIFE!

Relationship coaching can help you uncover the secret to attracting the right kind of person for you. Coaching can give you insights into your habits & triggers, which may be blocking your chance at true love. Showing your vulnerable self to the one you are dating, doesn't come naturally for everyone. Communication and interpersonal skills can be enhanced through coaching, which will deepen all of your relationships.

Are you left wondering why your past relationships ended?

Recovering from being ghosted by your partner?

Are you wanting more from your relationships?

Are you frustrated with dating the wrong person over and over again?

Is it time to be with the love of your life?  

Are you ready to show up in a truly authentic way to your partner?

Sessions scheduled for one-hour blocks.

Remote sessions are held by video or voice-call. $90 to $140 sliding scale, per session. Longer sessions will be billed accordingly.

Relationship Coaching Package:  

Five sessions for $450.00 to $625.00. Paying what feels right for you and what you can afford, allows me to reduce my rates for those in need. Thank you, Anastacia