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Working from Home - Policies from your Boss!

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Whether this is new for you or you are a pro, knowing that millions of people are now working from home may give you a sense of community that you didn’t have before. I’ve formed some habits and learned some tricks over this past year to make my days more productive. I want to hear your tips in the comments section!

I’m The Boss

This is something I want to share with you. It doesn’t matter if you work for a big corporation, you are the boss at your home! While you have deadlines, scripts to follow, and specific instructions from “the company,” you are in charge of your day to day routine. Let that powerful feeling sink in for a moment.

Dress Code

It’s a common joke and assumption that writers and those who have a home office, work in pajamas and only put on a nice shirt for video calls. They rarely shower or fix their hair. Makeup? What makeup? Well, this is not a joke! This is true. So, enjoy this freedom by not keeping up with your appearance and personal hygiene.

I am serious. However, if you live with other people and they are now home all day, expect to get some teasing for this. Even though you are The Boss, your house-mates and family may be like those annoying co-workers from days long ago, expecting you to wear a bra. Gasp!!!


You can now cook amazing meals in between emails, meetings, and calls. Take this time to be healthier than ever to keep your immune system strong. Drink a glass of fresh green juice, make tea all day long, and snack on freshly chopped veggies. Remember when you wanted a smoothie at work and a co-worker would go out and fulfill everyone’s orders? Now you can make your own whenever you please. Don’t forget to use your metal or glass straw!


Can you take an hour to nap if your body is screaming TIRED at you? Some days you might be able to do just that. Other days you will be way too busy to stop working until after it’s dark out. When I had an office job and stayed home on random holidays, I remember lounging and reading and just being lazy AF. I do not do this anymore. Even though I technically can. I get paid by producing and submitting work. I work 7 days a week and I love staying productive by creating and completing assignments.


For some of you, motivating yourself to complete your work while no one is watching, will be hard. Staying focused is a superpower that some do not possess. It may take a period of adjustment to find your work-from-home rhythm. Consider setting up a schedule that you can apply to your day. Create a rewards system for completing projects or for working on a specific assignment for a specified length of time.

Sample rewards that won’t affect your waistline and productivity are:

  1. 15 minutes of outdoor exercise (lunges, hula hooping, yoga, or walking your dog)

  2. Making a mocktail (fruit juice/limeade, cold tea, sparkling water, fresh mint, berries, a slice of lime- any combination you like)

  3. Journaling

  4. Calling a friend or family member

  5. Catching up on social media

A chalkboard or whiteboard may be just what you need to stay on track. I prefer to see lists and projects handwritten. Others love using the myriad of online tools available.,,and AWW app are just a few of the choices out there.

Setting an end-time to your day will save your sanity. Don’t follow my example! Set your stopping time and stick to it. Your health and family needs your attention.

Computer and wifi

Having a fabulous computer and super-fast wifi is a must when working from home. Perhaps your company will provide this for you. Or this is a business expense that you can write off. You may need a printer as well. Make wise decisions when purchasing expensive new equipment and save your receipts! Take out the extra warranty. You will be using your devices more often and depend on them staying well while you work without the office IT person at the ready.

Helpful online programs

Grammarly is my best friend in writing. I run all of my assignments past them for writing tips and suggestions. I love that they give me a score and compare my work with other users by providing statistics on my strengths. The basic plan is free.

Zoom is a video call platform that has reached the top of the App store in the Apple and Google charts. It is currently higher than Facebook, Netflix, and TikTok. Zoom is becoming a household name. I’ve been enjoying Zoom services for over eight months now. Not only for staff meetings and client calls but for socializing with friends who don’t live nearby. The basic plan is free and can accommodate up to two users at a time for unlimited minutes. For groups of 3 or more, there is a 40-minute limit generally.

Working remotely from anywhere

This fact was, most certainly, one of the joys of working remotely for me. Having the flexibility to work at my favorite café was amazing. It’s nice to get out of the house and not be distracted by dirty dishes and laundry that needs folding. I can sip on tea latte’s, tune out conversations, and get in the zone with my computer screen. I can work at restaurants while eating gluten-free waffles. I can work in a park. I can work on vacation. Even though I can’t leave the state often, having a kid in school, I knew we could travel more when she was on school holiday.

This has all changed in our Post Coronavirus World. I work from my house, which mostly consists of sitting on a leather sofa on my back porch. I don’t know when I will be able to take my computer out again. So, make your place cozy and beautiful- at least in one room- so you can work without distractions of household chores calling for your attention.

In the comments section, share your tips for working remotely. If you want to hire Walden Writes For Women to write articles for your website, to edit your book, or to create a book query to submit to literary agents and publishers, email me at If you are ready to start your own business and need a website, talk to me about my services. I wish you all success in your work and with your finances as we struggle to balance ourselves in this new life we have been given.


Anastacia Elizabeth Walden is a writer & editor, a matchmaker & a Licensed Midwife. She enjoys writing articles, books, and ghostwriting on various projects. She writes articles on health, vulnerability, empowerment, yoga, mindfulness, social/emotional learning, travel, nutrition, pregnancy, parenting, feminism, natural remedies, and emotional health. She has three books in various stages of editing. She is the author of Greater Than A Tourist: Gainesville, Florida. She makes art with found objects, cooks delicious and organic whole foods, practices yoga, exercises outside, travels, and writes daily as her passion.


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