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Empowering Women, One Talent at a Time

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Onna Maya Meyer is a Gainesville friendly face that you are bound to see about town. She is the owner of Onna Maya: Empowering Photography and Intricate Native Jewelry. She may be most recognized as the woman who brings hula hoops to outdoor events. Attend any musical event, farmers market, and outdoor market and you will find kids and adults enjoying hooping in the lawn. You have Onna to thank for this.

Onna Maya Meyer- in all of her glory

This woman has an abundance of talent and I am here to sing her praises!

Intricate Native Jewelry

She makes incredibly intricate jewelry. Her earrings consist of 19 rows of teeny-tiny beads and each pair takes about eight hours to make. These native-style earrings began as a passion of hers when she was a teenager. They provided her with a creative outlet at a time when most are into mischief. After a twenty-year break, she found her passion for beading return after helping a friend fix their jewelry.

She gave away all of her tools and beads many years ago and had to start anew rebuilding her collection. When this creative compulsion returned to her she had no choice but to answer the calling full force. She wonders why she gave it up in the first place. The feeling is like returning to a lost love and she is grateful.

Onna has been keeping her fingers busy since the Spring of 2019 creating pair after pair.

Empowering Photography

Onna is a phenomenal photographer. She specializes in photographing women, bringing out the inner goddess in her artful pictures. Seeing beauty in the mundane is her skill. Capturing the personality of those she shoots fills her with pleasure.

Jade Meyer, photo by Onna Maya Meyer and shared with permission

She produces raw and real photos with and without filters. Outdoor locations with intricate architecture bring out the magical quality in her work. She is not one to direct you to point your chin down or place your foot just so. Get into a playful spirit and let loose and she will capture you in all of your glory. Play music that you love or have friends in the background to make you laugh.

Photo by Meyer, shared with permission

Pregnancy photos!

Photographing women in pregnancy is especially rewarding for Onna. She takes fun photos outside and even underwater. Pregnant women are goddesses! But they don’t always know it. When women choose to be photographed in pregnancy, they are creating a legacy to pass down, to be enjoyed by their children and family over the years. What these women don’t always realize is how empowering the experience will be for themselves.

The actual photoshoot will push back the shy and bring out the bold in her clients.

Photo taken by Meyer, shared with permission

This feeling of empowerment will come back in waves every time she looks at her photos. This powerful feeling will carry on with her for her labor and birth. And when she needs it, while parenting her child.

Women are rockstars and Onna knows how to capture this in photographs!

Chelsea Carnes in the local Gainesville band: Wax Wings

Band photos!

She specializes in photographing bands at music festivals too! I told you this woman is talented. She brings her hoops and her camera equipment and takes over the night! Live shows present her with amazing opportunities for candid shots amidst sunny day sets and colorful stage lighting at night. Bands can pose for professional shoots when they are not sweaty, prior to shows for album covers. But the real art lies in the action shots while up on stage!

Garrett Dutton! Band: G. Love and Special Sauce

Her band photo was published in Wax magazine and she was able to get her copy signed by Garrett Dutton at one of his shows!
Onna with Garrett of G. Love and Special Sauce

Onna's band cover photo of G. Love and Special Sauce was published in Wax magazine and she had the pleasure of meeting him and having him sign her copy.


Onna Maya Meyer's photos have been published in the following periodicals:

  • Wax Magazine

  • Void Magazine for Music

  • Ignition Music Magazine

  • Swallowtail Farm to Table Photos


Geraecka Lyonns- photo shoot for her album cover and book Own Your Power

Onna Maya Meyer is a self-made woman in Gainesville, FL, creating the life she wants by pursing her passions and getting paid for it!

Contact her for photography package rates.

Contact her to join your festival- selling her jewelry, bringing her hoops, and photographing your bands.

Contact her for empowering photo shoots for your social media, your website, your family portraits, and for magical pregnancy photographs that will last a lifetime.

If you support women artists supporting themselves – like and share this post!

Contact Onna Maya Meyer:



Author of this article...Anastacia,

photo by Onna Maya Meyer

Anastacia Elizabeth Walden


Anastacia Elizabeth Walden lives and breathes in warm Gainesville, Florida. You will find her writing at an outdoor cafe or on her expansive back porch, always with hot tea or chilled kombucha to keep the creative juices flowing. Anastacia is a writer & editor, a matchmaker & a Licensed Midwife. She enjoys writing articles, books, and ghostwriting on various projects. She writes articles on health, vulnerability, empowerment, yoga, mindfulness, social/emotional learning, travel, nutrition, pregnancy, parenting, feminism, natural remedies, and emotional health. She has three books in various stages of editing. She is the author of Greater Than A Tourist: Gainesville, Florida. She makes art with found objects, cooks delicious and organic whole foods, practices yoga, exercises outside, travels, and writes daily as her passion.


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