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Updated: Jan 3, 2020

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Being established in the freelance writing world means I have less time and focus for my personal writing. This includes keeping up with my website and blogs. I have started three different stories over the past few weeks, however when I get back to them a few days later, my life has changed again. The words are not as relevant or exciting as they once were. My daily writing schedule doesn’t stay the same.

As soon as I think I have a rhythm and a flow to my juggling of writing assignments, a new and involved project starts.

Sometimes it is the hope and promise of a new job, thus I put in a lot of time showing samples and communicating with these new clients to build a relationship. In the beginning, only about 50% of these new relationships turned into a paying job. I would spend hours writing a sample blog or article, editing a chapter of their manuscript, and showing past writing works to prove that I can deliver quality material.

I’ve gotten smarter, I manage my time more effectively, and I rarely write anything for free without a contract in place for future work. With five-star reviews on Upwork (and one 3.75-star review…which really bothered me until I got a grip) and many hours logged, things have changed for me. I now receive responses to 80-90% of the freelance jobs I apply for: I do not always land the job but I am considered and we start the conversation. This is a HUGE change from my first month on Upwork, when I applied to 5-10 jobs each day and only received responses 1-2 times a week. Those days were draining and discouraging but I couldn’t give up. I wouldn’t give up. I was committed.

Even though I have been writing books and articles for the past fifteen years, I have not promoted my writings. I have also never used a platform like Upwork, where freelance writers bid for writing assignments. Reviews are EVERYTHING in this techy world and I had none, related to writing.

I am always striving to improve on my communication skills, as a firm believer that this is one of the best qualities a person can have.

Being able to connect with people, to express ideas, to work on problem-solving, and being able to fully and accurately represent oneself, is an art and takes skill.

I will never stop seeking improvement in my communication practices.

Discussing new projects with potential clients is incredibly rewarding for me. I get excited for their project, especially if they are new authors. I know the excitement of completing a manuscript and I am able to re-live those moments again and again with my clients. I look forward to the day that I can offer free editing and consulting to a percentage of new authors, instead of accepting money that they may not have. For now, I must work on increasing my wealth to continue the freedom I receive from being my own boss.

The feeling I get from designing my world and being my own boss, in all of my passion projects, is unparalleled.

Starting midwifery school at age 21, was a dream come true and continued to bring me more fulfillment than I knew was possible. Then I became a mother and fully lived in my pregnancy, birthing, and breastfeeding bliss. Now, I am establishing myself as a writer, enabling a big dream to come true for me. Most days (when I am not worrying about the next paycheck) I feel like I am on top of the world.


Today is one of those days.






Anastacia Elizabeth Walden

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